Family Portrait Services

I started my photography business with a simple family portrait…and I fell in love with the whole concept of documenting life.  It was with a family that I barely knew and we scheduled the portraits on a late Friday afternoon.  As I was wrapping up the session the children were getting excited about dinner.  The parents explained to me that it was “leftover and movie" night.  Every Friday this family would have that week's leftovers and watch a movie.  I was intrigued by this concept!  What a wonderful memory for these kids to have when they became adults.  It was during that very first session when my approach to family portraits was born.  I decided to stay for a few moments longer and photograph the family preparing for their special tradition.  It was these photos the family ended up choosing to hang on their walls, not the posed family portraits.  Even after all these years I still strive to photograph memories first and foremost while getting a few “formal" group shots in there as well so that every family can have the best of both worlds.

All Children's and Family Sessions are the same.  In other words, if you schedule a Children's session I also incorporate the parents into the photoshoot as well.

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